Fortis is excited to launch their new Streetlight Repair Map.  With this map you can view streetlights in your area and request a repair online within minutes. 

If you would like help with the map you can watch a video tutorial to assist you.


Richardson's Ground Squirrel Control

2% Liquid Strychnine Concentrate for Richardson's Ground Squirrel control is available this spring. 

Call 780-672-4765 for more information or to place an order.

The Regional Recreation Master Plan has been drafted and we would like to hear your feedback before it is finalized.  Please review the draft version of the plan and provide your thoughts via the feedback form below by November 29.  Your input has been integral throughout the entire planning process. 

Watch the Video recapping the Master Plan process here!



Check out the Research Findings here.

Review the Draft Plan here.

Provide your Feedback here.

Thank you for providing your feedback.  Your comments will be reviewed and edits to the Master Plan will be applied.  Thanks again for your participation!


Official Results available here.

The Municipal Election was held on Monday, October 16, 2017.  Camrose County voters elect Councillors in 7 Divisions.  To see a map of the Electoral Divisions and their current representative, please click here.  The Reeve is nominated at the Organizational Meeting each fall from among the elected officials.

Election Additional Information:

Municipal Government Candidate Guide

Camrose County's Candidate Information Guide - everything you need to know about running for Council and what happens after!




For Fire, Police or Medical Emergencies please dial 911.  For any after hours County Utility-related issues, please call 780-608-7014.

Did you know that you can enjoy fresh food and farm products, grown and prepared right here in Camrose County!  Camrose County has prepared a list of over 50 local farmers, gardeners, and producers who would love to bring their farm to your table

For a printable (PDF) copy of the Local Food Producers Guide, click here

For the online version of the Local Food Producers Guide, click here

Local Food Contest Winner!!

This summer, the Camrose County Agriculture Communications Committee hosted a contest for a Basket of Local Products to be won each month.  The Grand Prize winner for the summer is Dr. Charley Boyd!  Look at the amazing basket of Local Produce worth $500!





We want to ensure agricultural research in Alberta is led by farmers and that Albertans are getting the best results for their investment.

To help transform how we do agriculture research in Alberta, we’re seeking input on:

  • what farmer-led research means to Albertans
  • farmer-led research priorities
  • opportunities for industry participation and shared leadership/ownership in the exploration and evaluation of governance models that deliver farmer-led research

These changes are an opportunity to conduct world-leading research in Alberta by leveraging work happening in existing facilities or building brand new ones and attracting investment from bio-tech companies.

Get involved


Share your feedback by completing the online survey by January 31, 2020.

Take the survey

In person

Public engagement sessions will also be held throughout January. Register for a session below:


What Is A TAC Permit?

Law makers realize that there needs to be provisions in place for loads that cannot get under the regulated maximums. Overweight loads that cannot be reduced or shuffled still need to be able to be moved. The Province has a permitting system in place that accommodates such oads.

A TAC permit is specific to tridem axles on local roads (County Roads). The TAC permit allows the permit holder to haul “highway weights” on local roads.


Do I Need A TAC Permit?

If you wish to carry more than 17 000 kilograms on any tridem axle group in your configuration on local roads, you need a permit; no matter if the group is a drive or carrying group. This includes the tridem axle group in the middle of a super B.


How Do I Get A TAC Permit?

All basic permits are processed through an automated permit system (TRAVIS). Carriers have

the option of entering their permit applications directly on TRAVIS using the Web or using a

TRAVIS Agent to input the permit application data.


For more information, contact the Central Permitting Office at 1-800-662-7138



Additional information on Alberta’s road network can be found at


Contact the Protective Services Department at 780-672-4449 if you have any questions.


Camrose County is pleased to partner with Lacombe County for the registration of Ice Fishing Huts on Buffalo Lake for 2020.  This program protects the environment and ensures the safety of anglers and boaters.  There is no charge to register an ice hut.  Once you have a hut number, you can use it on any ice hut you own.  Registration cards will be sent to you by mail; and we ask that you display the registration numbers clearly on the outside of your fishing hut.  If you have more than one fishing hut, please spray paint or print the same number on each hut.

Registration is required to identify the owner of an ice hut in the event of a littering problem or if the ice hut is not removed from the ice by the March 31 deadline or before ice break-up, even if it is before the removal date.

Please follow this link to find a form on the Lacombe County website.  Camrose County residents are asked to complete the Lacombe County form.

Link to Ice-Fishing Hut Registration Form 


Click here to visit the "Real" Hansen Brothers of Hockey page on the Living Heritage Website - A museum without walls!


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