Tender/Request for Proposal Process

Camrose County strives to be a open and transparent form of Local Government. This page is dedicated to the County's Public Tendering  Process.  As per Policy 6.06, tenders or RFPS are opened in an open public meeting prior to the scheduled council meeting. All sealed packages are opened at the specified time on the tender document, and the opening is open to any member of the public that wishes to attend. Copies of tender summary sheets are available to any member of the public. The sealed envelopes are opened and inspected to to see if all information has been submitted (tender bid form, bond, etc). The dollar amounts are read out and recorded on the summary sheet. After the sealed tenders have been opened, staff (the team) gather all tenders, and leave the room. Each tender is then inspected for compliance, accuracy and completeness, and a recommendation is drafted for the next council meeting based on the selection criteria. A copy of the tender summary document is supplied as part of the council agenda. Council then has the opportunity to accept the recommendation, make your own motion, or table the decision pending more information.

Most tender amounts are honored for 30 days.

The following is a list of tenders that would be recommended to Council (estimated value of $20,000.00 or more) These items would be considered by Council during Capital Budget Deliberations each year. A Copy of the Tender Summary Document is then posted to the County website for public viewing.
- equipment (heavy duty equipment, smaller equipment)
- vehicles
- road construction projects
- engineering projects
- other construction projects (parks, playgrounds, landfill, community redevelopment)

Goods and Services with an estimated amount of less than $20.000.00 are purchased by the County using Policy 6.07 - Non tendered Purchase of Goods and Services. This would include frequent annual purchases such as repair parts, special printing (newsletters, annual report), and supplies. These amounts are included in the annual budget which is approved by Council every year. A recommendation would be brought to Council for special specific purchases such as plaques, windows, consulting projects (planning), etc which are not specifically allocated in the annual operating budget.