Road Bans

Road Bans

The Road Ban has order is now in place (effective 11 AM on Friday, March 25, 2020).



ORDER NO. 01/20  Defining Maximum Allowable Weights Permitted on Certain Roads and prohibiting the use of certain rural oiled roads by a certain class of public vehicle.

Pursuant to the authority granted under the provisions of By-law No. 1416, and subject to Alberta Regulations 315/2002, Council Orders that effective 1100 hours, March 25, 2020 the following percentage axle weights of commercial vehicles apply on the following roads:

LOCATION                                                                                             % AXLE WEIGHT ALLOWED

1.       All gravel roads within Camrose County                                                                 75%

2.       That portion of Range Road 20-4                                                                            75%

          commonly known as "Pelican Point Road",

          beginning at its intersection with

          Primary Highway No. 53, thence southerly

          to its termination.

3.       That portion of the oiled road – Township Road 48-4 from

          S.H. 834 east for one mile through the Hamlet of Round Hill                                    75%

4.        Exemptions from weight restrictions as outlined in Section 12, Alberta Regulation #315/2002, Traffic Safety Act.

5.        Exemption to allow 100% Axle Weight loadings on all roads only between the hours of 0200 hours and 1100 hours.

6.        The County Administrator or his delegate may issue Special Permits to allow 100% Axle Weight loadings for the purpose of hauling farm produce and supplies, as well as other goods when the need is perceived to be of an urgent nature.

7.       "Commercial Vehicle” means a vehicle operated on a highway by or on behalf of a person for the

           purpose of providing transportation but does not include a private passenger vehicle as defined

           under the Traffic Safety Act R.S.A. 2000, Chapter T6.

8.       Winter Weight Allowance is cancelled.

9.       This Order rescinds Vehicle Weight Order No. 02/19


          Camrose County Council

          Cindy Trautman, Reeve




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