Power & Natural Gas

Power & Natural Gas

Power Services:

Electrical Service Providers in Camrose County: ATCO, Battle River REA, Fortis (Armena) and Fortis (Ryley) and Just Energy.

Electrical Service Providers Boundary Map


Natural Gas Services:

Natural Gas Service Providers in Camrose County: AltaGas, Ankerton, Atco, Battle River Gas Co-op, Chain Lakes Gas Co-op, and Just Energy

Natural Gas Service Providers Boundary Map


Rural Properties are more susceptible to power interruptions cause by adverse weather, and in some cases it may take longer to restore power to rural areas.

Make sure you are prepared for a power outage...



Buried Utility Lines...

There may be a number of buried utilities on your property that serve you and others.  Care should be taken to determine their exact location before any construction begins.