Pests - Virtual Workshop

Free Online Workshop

Featuring guest speaker:

Toso Bozic, ISA Certified Arborist, Tree Expert from Yard Whisperers


April 20, 2021 @ 6:00 P.M.              


  • The good, The Bad and the Ugly- Pest overview
  • Key beneficial best – understanding that 99 % of insects are beneficial.
  • How to improve and protect a habitat for good insects
  • Learn how to identify the types of damages from insect, disease and environmental impacts on trees and shrubs.
  • Major disease – Bronze leaf disease, Cytospora canker, Rhizosphaera needle cast and Dutch Elm Disease
  • What can you do? Key management recommendations and how you can prevent a pest problem.

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

             You can also dial in using your phone.
  Canada: +1 (647) 497-9391   Access Code: 911-888-293

Tuesday, 20 April, 2021 - 18:00