Hay Cutting 2017

NOTICE:  Cutting of Hay Crops on Public Roads (Bylaw 1020)

(1)   (a)  Prior to July 15, in any year, only the owner of land abutting the ditch of a public highway under the jurisdiction of Camrose County is authorized to harvest by cutting, baling, or any other method, any forage crop that grows within the said ditches of the said public highway. 

(b) an owner under (a) above may transfer this privilege to another person by mutual agreement.

(2)   On and following the 15th day of July in any year, any person may harvest by cutting, baling or any other method, etc., any forage crops growing within the ditches of a public highway under the jurisdiction of Camrose County.       

(3) A forage crop harvested within the ditches of a public highway shall become the property of the person harvesting same and shall not be stacked or stored within the said ditches, but shall be removed as soon as reasonably possible from the said ditches upon the completion of the said harvesting        .

(4)   Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Council reserves the right to authorize its employees, agents or assigns to cut, spray or otherwise destroy forage crop or grasses, weeds, or other growth in the ditches or on the side slopes of any public highway under its jurisdiction at any time in the interest of safety for the traveling public and in the interest of controlling noxious weeds and any other undesirable growth.

(5)   Any person contravening this by-law is guilty of an offense and liable on summary conviction to the penalties as outlined in Section 557 of Chapter M-26 of the Municipal Government Act R.S.A. 2000 and amendments thereto.