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Contact the County (request information, report a hazard or issue, submit a compliment or complaint)

Sign up for the County Email Notification System to receive emails regarding Road Closures, Announcements, and Urgent Situations)



Application for Utility Service (fillable PDF)

Address Change Form

Business Incentive Grant Tier 1 Application Form

Business Incentive Grant Tier 2 Application Form

Information Request Form (Ratepayer Summary Report, Farmland Calculation Report, Farmland Drawing, Tax Certificate, Aerial Photo)

Tax Autopay Form

Utility Automatic Payment Plan Form

Utility Disconnect Form (fillable PDF)

Utility Rental Agreement (fillable PDF)

Seniors Financial Assistance Application (Alberta Government)

Alberta Land Titles - Change of Address Form


GIS Mapping

Rural Addressing Sign Application Forms



Assessment Information Request Form (Ratepayer Summary Reports, Farmland Calc. Reports, Tax Certificates)
Assessment Review Board Complaint Form
Assessment Complaint Agent Authorization

Request for Assessment Information - Under Section 299 of the MGA: Request Form ($160 fee)

Request for Assessment Information - Under Section 300 of the MGA: Request Form ($160 fee)

Guideline and Request form for Calculating Taxes on New Parcels


Agriculture Services

Nomination Form for Beautification Awards 

Mulch Request Form (deadline April 30, 2020)

ForEvergreen Application Form

Restricted Use of Herbicide for Brush and Weed Control

Weed Sighting Form

Efficient Grain Dryer Program Application Form


New Norway Cemetery

Monument Application - Fillable

Burial Application-Fillable


Planning and Development

Agency Authorization

Application for Approach Construction Approval

Business/Home Occupation Application

Community Aggregate Payment Forms

Compliance Letter Request

Demolition Permit Application

Development Application

Land Use Bylaw Amendment (Redistricting/Rezoning)

Provinicial Roadside Development Permit

Provincial Sign Permit Application

Road Closure Application

Rural Addressing Application

Site Condition Form

Subdivision Application

Subdivision Extension Application

Subdivision and Development Appeal Form


Public Works

Save Harmless Agreement

Application for Approach Construction

Approach Design Specifications


Protective Services

Special Event Permit

Low Hazard Fireworks Permit

Property Check Waiver