Emergency Management Information and Inventory

In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, municipalities play an active role.  Camrose County's Director of Emergency Management, Officer Mike Kuzio, oversees and coordinates the processes, people and resources that are involved in responding to the situation. Camrose County has an Emergency Operations Centre that is equipped to act as the hub of operations in case such an event occurs.  Additional staff serve on the County's Emergency Management Committee.  These staff are trained in the Incident Command System to fill several roles.  The Incident Command System is an on-site management system used across Canada that integrates facilities, equipment, personnel, procedures and communications.  

With recent disasters such as the High River Floods, Fort MacMurray Fires, and numerous train derailments, not to mention the potential for blizzards and severe cold, Camrose County needs to be as well equipped as possible to manage the situation.

You can help us to better respond by completing the Emergency Management Information and Inventory form.  This information will tell emergency responders where individuals that need extra assistance live, and how to contact them.  There is also a section for landowners to let Camrose County know what resources, such as snowmobiles, that they may be able to offer as assistance to the emergency effort. 

This information is VOLUNTARY, and will be used SOLELY in the event of an emergency or natural disaster in your area.  It will be stored in an Emergency Database by property, and will only be accessed when that property is affected.  

To complete the form click here.

If you have questions about this form, please contact Officer Mike Kuzio, or Corporate Services Manager Teresa Gratrix at 780-672-4446, or email county@county.camrose.ab.ca.