Camrose County Statement on Fire Services Agreement Negotiations

Please click here for a pdf of the statement.

Fire Services Agreement Negotiations

Camrose County and the City of Camrose have a long-standing agreement to share Fire Services within Camrose County.  As part of the agreement:

  • Camrose County provides a fully equipped Fire Truck (capital and maintenance costs covered by the County) to the City Fire Department for fires and emergency response calls in the Camrose District or if necessary, within the City.
  • Camrose County pays the full cost (manpower, equipment, and supplies) to the City Fire department for all calls in the County and
  • The City of Camrose, as part of the agreement, provides firefighters to man the apparatus as required.
  • In addition, Camrose County pays a percentage, based on benefit to the County residents, of the overall facility, equipment, and training costs for the City Fire Hall. 

Camrose County has shared services agreements with five other urban municipalities within the County, and the County operates fire halls in three fire districts; New Norway, Ferintosh, and Round Hill.   Camrose County owns a total of 21 fire and emergency vehicles, including the fire truck at the City Fire Hall, and is proud of the mutual aid relationship that has been established with all of our urban partners.

At an ICF Committee meeting, the City presented a new cost sharing agreement for fire based on the “cost follows benefit approach” to Fire Services which would have resulted in significant cost savings to the County. This proposal was declined by the County with a note that they were satisfied with the terms of the current agreement. The City of Camrose ICF committee then modified the current agreement with new dates. Camrose County received a copy of a memo from the City of Camrose indicating the agreement based on current services was to the City’s satisfaction, so it was sent to the County for review on June 05, 2020.  At the County Council meeting on September 8, 2020, the terms of the draft fire agreement were accepted by County Council and the City was advised of the decision on September 9, 2020.  On October 29, 2020, the City of Camrose provided Camrose County with notice of “Intent to Terminate Fire Protection and Emergency Response Agreement” effective October 28, 2021.  Unfortunately, County Council is unsure why the City served notice to terminate the Fire Protection Agreement when both parties had already agreed to the proposed agreement. 

Camrose County would like County residents within the Camrose Fire District, to be assured that the County will have a plan in place to provide fire services to those areas affected well in advance of the October 2021 deadline.  Camrose County appreciates the Camrose Fire Department and the dedicated, professional service they provide to the County.