2018 County Budget

2018 Camrose County Budget Information

Council deliberations on the 2018 Budget were carried out in November and December of 2017.

2018 Final Budget

On April 10, 2018, Council passed the following motions:

J. LYLE - That Camrose County Council approve the Final 2018 Operating Budget: - Total Operating Revenues - Fourteen Million Two hundred and Eighty Three Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Four dollars,($14,283,254.00) - Total Operating Expenses - Twenty Eight Million Three Hundred and Fourty Eight Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Nine dollars, ($28,348,859.00), with a Total Tax Levy to be applied against all properties of Fourteen Million Sixty Five Thousand Six Hundred Five Dollars, ($14,065,605.00).

T. MILLER - That Camrose County Council approve the 2018 Capital Budget - Total Capital and Project Expenses - Nineteen Million Four Hundred and Thirty Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty One dollars ($19,430,851.00), to be funded by internal resources (own sources- grants, debentures or reserves) of - Seventeen Million Six Hundred Seventy-Six Thousand Eight hundred and Twenty-Three dollars ($17,676,823.00)  - and a Total Capital Levy of - One Million Seven Hundred and Fifty-Four Thousand Twenty-Eight dollars (1,754,028.00)

2018 Budget Summary

2018 Capital Budget Summary